Thursday, April 09, 2015

Pesach food notes

The bakery's are much better, of course
Since Streits macaroons are the only packaged macaroons that we've found in recent years that are made without artificial ingredients or preservatives, we bought several cans.  Then we tasted the macaroons that the shul president bought for our synagogue from a kosher-for-Passover bakery that's in the same neighborhood as the kosher supermarket where we do most of our Passover shopping.  Yum!  Now you know where we're buying all of our macaroons next year.

"Flats" fall flat
Maybe tapioca- and potato-flour "flats" or flatbreads are good for an upset stomach, but they're useless as flatbreads--they're so brittle that they crumble before we can even get them out of the box.  So we're going to add them to soup, instead of trying to make "cracker sandwiches" with them. (They make a decent soup-filler substitute for kosher-for-Passover potato-starch noodles, which tend to be gummy, and which we've decided not to buy again). Just one box per Pesach (or year-round, for tummy trouble) will probably suffice.

Food fight (of sorts)
I switched from peanuts (which are kitniot, according to some opinions) to home-roasted cashews for Pesach, and was considering making the switch year-round, because, according to some, peanuts are fairly high in oxylates and therefore not great for those with kidney stones (though spinach, rhubarb, Swiss chard and beet greens are among the worst offenders, according to some).  Unfortunately, what's good for avoiding kidney stones is not always good for avoiding other digestive problems.  Take a look at this FODMAPS explanation, then check out this food list--note that cashews are not on the list.  That's typical--what I eat or try to minimize eating to avoid one health problem aggravates another one.  My digestive tract is a minor danger zone.  :)

Also of interest regarding Pesach:

~ The Evolving Jew makes a case for Kitniot Minimization, and gives us this year's update.

~ Rabbi Ethan Tucker discusses the Kitniot question.

Chag sameach!


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